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Turkish Cini Necklace ( How is it made ? )

Turkish Cini Necklace with Oriental Flower Patterns

This beautiful ceramic tile necklace is a handmade and high quality glazed ceramic tile. It has passed through a century-old process called Iznik (Ancient Nicea) Pottery .

How is it made?

Quartz, glass powder and clay are used in the production of cini necklaces . After baking and milling and shaping in moulds , these materials are left to dry for a week.Then the borders of the pattern are drawn by hand on the tiles named biscuits. The hand made borders of the necklace is also painted by hand . After painting process, the plates are glazed and baked in 800 -1200 degree ovens. The cini necklaces  that you see in the pictures  below went through all the processes above and waiting for its owner.
Its beauty arises from the harmonious composition of three consecutive quartz layers and the combination of paste-slip and glaze.

Turkish ceramic pendant necklaces have been embellished with Turkish motifs mainly derived from flowers.

Turkish pendant necklaces are  produced using under glaze technique.

Tile pendant are  fired at 800-1200 degrees.

The necklace frames are nickel plated and does not tarnish.

Ceramic tile necklaces are  made of earthenware clay and fired twice.

The glazes used are non toxic.

The necklace is light and comfortable to wear and a unique gift for her.

Since each product is made individually, each piece has a different pattern and motifs.

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The video below shows all the processes of making of Turkish Çini Necklace.









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