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Brazilian Embroidery Necklaces – Brazilian Embroidery Patterns

The Brazilian embroidery is a type of embroidery that has very similar aspects to other embroidery techniques. The reason why it is called Brazil embroidery is that the yarns used in this type of embroidery are produced in Brazil. The Brazilian embroidery necklaces patterns  depend on the desire and taste of the person. Brazilian embroidery is especially suitable for processing natural forms such as flowers,leaves and  ivy leaves. Depending on the size of the pattern  thick or thin thread  is used. Better results can be obtained if the Brazil embroidery is processed on non-porous, highly woven cotton fabrics.

Brazilian embroidery stitches vary in size. For example, if rococo is to be made, longer needles should be used  than the other embroidery needles. Threading holes of needles used in Brazilian embroidery need not be thicker than the size of the needle. If it is thick, undesirable results may occur during the Brazilian embroidery.

In Brazilian embroidery usually flush or rayon yarns are preferred. Cotton yarns may also be used . Depending on the type of fabric  yarn, silk, rayon or cotton yarns may also be preferred.



Please follow the link to see one of the best examples of Brazilian embroidery necklaces.




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